Ian Hultquist

Composer for Film, Commercials & Multi-Media

Ian Hultquist is a California-born, Chicago-raised composer and musician living in Los Angeles. His career began when he heard the first few notes of John WilliamsJurassic Park score in 1993, and has continued on from that moment, with a few detours along the way. 

After high school, Hultquist studied film scoring at Berklee College of Music, where he married his love of electronic and rock music, with his love of film, and began to develop his unique composing style. He also met his wife and fellow composer, Sofia, and became one of the founding members of the band Passion Pit. 

From there, the bands meteoric rise would take Hultquist to sold-out crowds around the world, and also give him the opportunity to hone his talent for digital and analog sound design (Hultquist acted as Musical Director of the band's live show for many years).  But it wasnt until 2011, during the bands first real break from touring in almost four years, that Hultquist was able to fully return to scoring for film.

He began with work on numerous commercials and short films, but it wasnt long before a mutual friend introduced Hultquist to the acclaimed documentary filmmaker Andrew Rossi, who gave him his first full-length scoring credit with the documentary IVORY TOWER. 

Around the same time, while on set for Passion Pits Constant Conversationsmusic video, Hultquist met and became fast friends with the actor David Dastmalchian who, as luck would have it, was hard at work finishing the screenplay for the movie ANIMALS, in which he would eventually star, and for which Hultquist would provide the haunting and pensive score.

After trips to Sundance and SXSW, with IVORY TOWER and ANIMALS respectively, Hultquist officially left Passion Pit.  Hultquists film and TV work includes commercials for brands like Samsung and Honda, the recently released Battlefield Hardline 360 trailer, and films including THE DIABOLICAL (2015 SXSW selection) and the documentary THOUGHT CRIMES (2015 Tribeca Film Festival selection).  His upcoming films also include MEMORIA and BURNING BODHI.